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-Kenya Barajas/ 7th Grade English


Racism is a serious issue that should be stopped. People are called names, beat up and bullied. It can happen anywhere; inside or outside of school, public places,and even at hospitals. People can become mentally and physically damaged by racists. I believe the best way to eliminate this problem in today’s society is having a government law against racism. People need to gather together and voice their concerns. We need to put a stop to racism!

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-Alejandro Castellanos / 7th Grade English


Is homework really beneficial? For me and probably many of my classmates, homework is boring and stressing. There is something that I don’t understand quite well: Why do teachers leave homework? It is assumed that the time spent at school should be for learning and the time we spend at home should be for hobbies, family and friends. Don’t we have enough school work with the 8 hours we spend there daily? Is homework really necessary?

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-Vanessa Cruz / 7th Grade English


Lets talk about War. This is a really an interesting but scary subject which creates fear in each of us. Wars that we hear about today are in the Islamic State. Iraq, Syria, Libya, Afghanistan, Egypt, Lebanon and Russia have had conflicts in the last decade and wars since 2014 or earlier.

Here in Mexico, we are experiencing a different type of war since 2004. It’s called drug trafficking. Drug cartel trafficking, kidnapping, extortion, violence and murders take place every day in our country and has great impact on us as a society. Hopefully, the Mexican government will continue to crack down on this horrible problem and perhaps eliminate it in our future.


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